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Smell Me...

I promise I only say this when I know I smell good, unless my siblings or the kids are around. LOL. I love makeup and body care products. I have drawers of both, its a problem.

However, depending on where I am in the country, my skin can be all over the place. When I am in New England, my skin rebels and I have to change my whole routine. I scrub less and use more moisturizing products. Some of my faves are from a small business located in the middle of Florida. The owner's name is Jen and she has a cute little farm where she grows and makes her skincare products. Check her out on Etsy or her website (

I love buying from small businesses because not only are you supporting a family, but you get one on one care. My skin is considered combination, but I have days where my skin is out of control oily- especially if I am outdoors or working out a lot, or if I am in cold weather then it is dry.

Some of my favorite products are:

Coffee Bean line- honestly, if you love the smell of coffee then you will love anything in this line. I love the body scrub.

Oil Skin Cleanser. Okay, I will say this. I was a little unsure about cleaning my face with oil. It seems counterproductive, but I promise you, it cleans so well and keeps your skin feeling soft. I love this when I am up north and the wind and cold seem to want to resurface my face.

Lastly, her body butters are a definite winner. If you do not like the oily feeling on your skin, this may not be the product for you, but!!!!! It doesn't stay oily. My skin absorbs it fairly quickly and leaves my skin feeling great.

Go try her out. Also: This is NOT a paid promotion or endorsement. This is a personal review of products that I have paid for and used.

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