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Hockey! Baseball! All the sports!

Last night I watched the Florida Panthers play the TB Lightening. So what do I know about hockey? Well... nothing. LOL! Ok, I take that back. I know a little about hockey. You do not live in New England and not play hockey. However, with that being said, the most I was taught was keep that black disc away from those guys and get it into the net. When you are under 5' and you have guys flying at you that are 2 times your size, you learn to skate.... fast.

But I digress, professional hockey. I will be honest, I have always been interested, but I am a NFL girl. I played football, I watch football, I play fantasy football. My life is football. NFL season starts right before NHL season and so my attention has always been focused on NFL. However, pre-covid, I went to my first live hockey game in Tampa. I LOVED IT. I asked a lot of questions and annoyed literally everyone around me, but hell, I loved it.

This year I decided I am going to sprinkle my NFL season with a little NHL. I am a Bruins girl, because if you are from New England, well you know. However, having lived all over the country, I love rooting for the local teams as long as they aren't playing against my beloved teams. So this year I am rooting for the Panthers as I am currently stationed in Miami.

Watching the Panther's goalie last night, I never felt so much in common with someone. Constantly being bombarded to the point you just lay down to block all the things. LOL. Also, Sam Bennett. There are just some players on any team you don't f**k with. Cause the whole team will not be ok. Ok, maybe I watch hockey for the fights. I do love me some UFC. (God I think I had too much coffee today.) That fight was awesome. If you can find the replay. Watch it. Even the kids stopped their fighting to watch grown men fight. If you want to read the run down, check out George Richards' article here :

I am looking forward to this year's hockey season. I even plan on going to see some of the games. Hopefully, I will get a front row seat to some fight night.

Last night not least. How about them BOSOX! Yes I even watch baseball. I caught the end of the AL wild card game. Yankees @ Red Sox. Again, if you are from New England you are a Sox fan. Also, you hate the Yankees. It goes together like peanut butter and jelly. Nothing more satisfying than knocking off the Yankees (sorry to my Yankees readers). Now the Sox are off to play the Rays in the ALDS. Who you rooting for?

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