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Front and Center Hollaaaaa

Sorry ladies and gents, it has been a week since my last blog. It's been chaos in the life of your country girl, but after my sister slapped me around a bit (verbally) I am finally getting it together.

What has been happening? Just your COVID apocalypses destruction of my relationship of 11 years, which was already tanked, but now its getting nitty and gritty. But we will all survive. Also, classes start in a week and after looking at the syllabus I am kind of in a "wtf are they talking about" kind of mode. I will keep you updated on that nonsense. LOL.

Now for the good stuff, tonight my friends and I are going to watch the Celtics play the Heat. I will be posting pics on my IG (so please follow). Seats are good, hopefully no one lands on me. I mean, it will be the most action I have seen in MONTHS, so maybe I do want them to land on me? Now, half of my friends are Heat fans and the other half are Celtics fans. So I did what any good friend would do, I bought all the seats behind the Celtics bench. My bff is a Heat fan and wants to "beat my whole ass" as she says. Honestly, I cannot wait for tonight.

Now my other best friend is a whole time zone away at class, otherwise we would be going to this game with their kids. Going to games with kids is a whole new experience. They are fascinated by everything. When the players engage them, it is like Santa Claus has made a guest appearance. It makes the whole game experience so much fun.

Now off to scream at my Fantasy Football team. Never ever in 8 years have I been 2-3 in fantasy. Honestly. I need to buckle down or I will never hear the end of these boys talking s**t about how I lost my edge.

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