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We are all told, “live your life to the fullest”; I am here to do just that. Country Girl in a Big World serves as a vessel to project my passions, and clue in my loyal readers as to what inspires me in this crazy world. I will write about traveling, food, sports, DIY projects, general thoughts, and answer questions you may have for me! So sit back, relax, get that cup of coffee, wine, tea or whiskey and read on my friend!

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Hockey! Baseball! All the sports!

Last night I watched the Florida Panthers play the TB Lightening. So what do I know about hockey? Well... nothing. LOL! Ok, I take that back. I know a little about hockey. You do not live in New England and not play hockey. However, with that being said, the most I was taught was keep that black disc away from those guys and get it into the net. When you are under 5' and you have guys flying at you that are 2 times your size, you learn to skate.... fast. But I digress, profes

Where are you?

This would seem to be a simple question, right? You are probably thinking, "I'm home" or "I'm at work." Maybe "I am in Phoenix." All those answers work, but what I am really asking you is, "where are you in your life?" Now that is a loaded question. Don't answer it right away. Sit back and take a few minutes to really think about that question. Are you where you want to me or where you expected to be at this point in your life? My answer to this is, I am in a very strange pla

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